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GCAA Inaugurates Safety Inspectors
Posted on: 10-Jul-2013        
The Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) has inaugurated the Aviation Safety Inspectors Association of Ghana (AVSIAG) in Accra.

The objective of the association is to put appropriate security measures in place to safeguard civil aviation activities against unlawful interference.

It would ensure that flight operations are conducted in accordance with established regulations.

AVSIAG would also ensure that cockpit crew, flight attendants, dispatchers, aircraft maintenance engineers, air traffic controllers are appropriately trained at approved Aviation Training Organizations.

Speaking at the ceremony, Nyidu Noyasco, President of AVSIAG, said his outfit would be committed to activities that would promote safety, efficiency, security and regularity of civil aviation within Ghana.

Mr Noyasco said aviation safety is a collective responsibility of government, stakeholders and the general public, adding that “a lot more public education will be useful in advancing the attainment of this objective.”

He said, “All the good things about civil aviation will elude us as a country if there is no effective regulation or strict safety oversight of the industry by the state as required by ICAO.”

In this regard, he said Ghana has put in place world-class civil aviation legislative instruments to regulate the country’s civil aviation system.

The relevance of aviation safety in this day and age makes it increasingly imperative that safety and security inspectors are encouraged to always conduct themselves in accordance with the ethics of the profession, Noyasco said.

Dzifa Attivor, Minister for Transport, said safety is the topmost priority of the aviation community.

She said, “The industry’s contribution to national revenue, business opportunities and employment, among others, is significant and therefore deserves every support of government, stakeholders and the general public.”

Safety is one of the overriding factors that determine people’s choice of air transportation as the preferred means of travel, Attivor said.