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£3,000 guarantee bond will affect our finances - Civil Aviation
Posted on: 28-Jun-2013         Source: citifmonline.com
The Ghana Civil Aviation Authority has indicated that the new UK government’s policy to have travelers pay a guarantee bond could have dire consequences on its finances.

The UK government is currently considering a proposal that will have 6 countries including Ghana post a bond of 3,000 thousand pounds as guarantee for not overstaying their visit in the UK.

Director- General of the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority, Air-Commodore (Rtd) Kwame Mamphey told Citi Business News, the growth of the booming aviation industry could be inhibited if the proposal is enforced.

He indicated that existing airlines have currently acquired bigger airbuses to accommodate the increasing demand, a trend that is expected to continue. But the bond guarantee, he added could affect movement of people and the authority’s finances.

“Airlines are changing their gauges- the type of aircraft. You will find that Emirates are now flying a bigger airbus. So it has increased the number of seats. I’m expecting more of that to happen in the course of the year. This means that we will have more people and more room for people to travel abroad, but now that they are going to collect the £3,000 that is going to affect us definitely. We have to sit down and work out the mathematics of it.”

“It will definitely affect the movement of personnel to some extent. We at civil we not be happy with that because it will impact on our finances as well,” he added.