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Domestic Flights Disrupted - As Dignitaries Fly In
Posted on: 09-Aug-2012        
Domestic flights to and from Tamale, Kumasi and Takoradi will be disrupted on Thursday to make way for international flights bringing in dignitaries for the final funeral rites of the late President Mills.

Checks at the Ghana Airport Company have revealed that about 40 planes are expected to bring in these dignitaries today.

Since parts of the airport are currently under construction, there would be massive congestion if the airport company attempts to allow both domestic and international flights to run concurrently.

In a bid to minimize the congestion at the airport, the Ghana Airport Company has arranged with local airlines to delay some of their flights to accommodate airplanes bringing dignitaries for the funeral ceremony.

This means spaces for boarding and disembarking for the domestic airlines will be taken over by these international flights. But the domestic airline companies are expected to communicate new flight schedules to their customers.