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New software company launched in Ghana
Posted on: 12-Jun-2013         Source: GNA
Yougora Limited, a software company was on Wednesday launched in Accra to bring innovation into internet marketing and help to address challenges in using software applications.

Three applications namely: the App 233Law, the IssuePost and the website of the company were duly launched.

The App 233Law is a civic education tool that enables usersí access to the constitution of Ghana on their mobile phones, gives access to a library of human rights and also allows people to ask selected lawyers questions that border on their rights.

The IssuePost enables users to post problems, complaints and praises they have about companies, public officials, products and others unto a public notice board where all other users could see and respond to.

The PostIssue application was to encourage social change and help organisations receive feedback on their businesses.

The website of the company www.yougora.com is an internet shopping app that incorporates various components of buying and selling, advertising, payment and delivery into a single easy to use system.

Speaking at the launch, Mr Joseph Danquah, Co-founder, said the company was working on modalities that would enable those, who patronized their services, to buy on high purchase, and also form consumer groups.

Mr Danquah, who is also head of Business Development at Yougura Limited, appealed to Ghanaians to visit the website as it had a lot to offer.

Mr Klenam Koku Fiadzoe, Co-founder and Head of Corporate Affairs, said the App 233Law enabled one to freely download the 1992 constitution for personal use.

Mr Tetteh Nortey, Founder of Marshall University, appealed to people who wanted to start up their own businesses not to be deterred by the difficulties, but work to ensure that those dreams became true.

He congratulated the two founders for their initiatives and urged them to manage the finances of the company very well as it was one of the main pillars of a successful business.

Madam Estelle Akofio-Sowah, Google Ghana Country Manager, appealed to the founders to come out with more applications, which would address the daily socio-economic challenges faced by Ghanaians.