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NCA Lab For Phone Testing Coming
Posted on: 05-Sep-2012         Source: dailyguideghana.com
As part of efforts to improve standards in the telecommunications industry, the National Communications Authority (NCA) is seeking approval and support from the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) to establish a laboratory in the country to test mobile phone devices.

The laboratory has become necessary because of the influx of inferior mobile phone devices which are said to be harmful to the body.

A source at the NCA told CITY & BUSINESS GUIDE that “the authority is unable to detect such inferior phones because it does not have laboratories for testing before they get onto the market.”

The NCA said it asked the ITU to help the authority to build a laboratory which will test not just mobile phones, but all other telecommunication equipment to ensure they meet the standards.

According to the source, progress had been made on the establishment of the lab and the authority would seek final approval during a World Telecoms Assembly (WTA) meeting in November.

“At the WTA to be held in Dubai in November, this year, it is expected that an amendment to the resolution which will give a date to the start of work on the laboratories will be passed.

The source said if a mobile phone is not made with the right materials, it would not be able to handle mobile phone services, including calls and lead to poor services.

“There are certain phones in the system, which are not user friendly and it’s about time we cleared them from the market,” the source emphasized.

By Esther Awuah