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Intel to introduce ‘cheapest’ Smartphone into Ghana
Posted on: 15-Aug-2012         Source: citifmonline.com
American chip maker Intel Corporation has hinted to Citi Business News, it will soon introduce the most affordable smart phone into Ghana and other African countries.

The phone which will be pegged between 100 and 150 dollars will be the cheapest ever smart phone introduced into the country by a reputable manufacturer.

Currently the cost of a smart phone in Ghana ranges between 350 and 1000 dollars. Intel early this year began an aggressive push into the smart phone space.
The move forms part of a larger effort to expand the company’s reach beyond its traditional PC and server chip businesses.

Intel Corp. joins a growing list of companies which are focusing on low-priced phones. Intel has already introduced the affordable smart phone to other emerging markets across the world.

Its introduction into Africa is expected to boost mobile phone use tremendously which has seen an impressive growth over the years.
The move according to the Director of Sub Sahara Africa, Intel Capital, Samuel Mensah Jr. is part of moves by the company to provide more affordable devices for emerging markets.

He said: "We are introducing the Intel phone and here is the low cost version of the Intel phone which will be coming onto the African market shortly. I can’t give you a specific time but it will be in a couple of months."

He added that "this will be a smart phone it will be an affordable smart phone, ranging from 100 and 150 dollars compared to a lot more expensive prices people pay for smart phones". He said.