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TXTGhana rolls-out voiceboxx service
Posted on: 18-Jul-2012         Source: thebftonline.com
TXTGhana has rolled-out the next phase of its Voiceboxx service, aimed at allowing users to connect and socialise by accessing voice profiles with their unique Voiceboxx ID’s.

Voiceboxx is described by the company as the nation’s first voice-driven social networking service and provides a suite of interactive social and entertainment-related voice services, TXTGhana Sales and Marketing Manager, Ms. Sena Tosu said.

“Our aim was to expand the offering to go beyond simple entertainment services that most social networks have on offer. We hope to take this much further in the near-future.

“Our Religion service also supports the spiritual needs of an individual by connecting them with a spiritual leader. The service has also been applied as a sort of notice-board, for the purposes of informing a group of congregants of events and happenings in a church,” she added.

Ms. Tosu added: “The service ensures your privacy by connecting you through your Voiceboxx ID, rather than your telephone number, so it could also be used as a non-intrusive marketing tool. For example, a musician could share a new song exclusively with fans before releasing it to the public.”

Voiceboxx also includes a health service that allows users to interact with a health professional for counselling, first-aid and emergency services. Users can call and talk directly with doctors without needing to have a direct telephone number.

The Voiceboxx service is available on all Ghanaian mobile networks via the premium short code 1596. Currently, TXT Ghana has over 5,000 users registered on the platform.

TXT Ghana is a subsidiary of leading global mobile value-added service provider, the TXT Group.