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GREDA President commends Buena Vista Homes
Posted on: 06-Jul-2013         Source: Graphic
The President of Ghana Real Estate Developers Association (GREDA) Mr. Kwakye Dopoah-Dei has commended the management and staff of Buena Vista Homes for their commitment to deliver quality homes culminating in the company being adjudged the Entrepreneur of Year 2012, Private Sector Category, during the recently held UT Bank Awards.

He urged other developers to see the honour done Buena Vista Homes as an opportunity to play a more pivotal role in the industry saying: "this award shows that the larger society recognises not just Buena Vista Homes but GREDA as a body and all of us must share in it".

Speaking at a special dinner organised by the executive council of the association in recognition of the management of Buena Vista Homes, Mr.Dopoah-Dei said: "As we demand recognition from other stakeholders, we must also take a critical look at the quality of our work so as to improve and discourage the lack of attention to professional standards by some of our own members. This is a basic prerequisite for growth and success".

"You will agree with me that there have been critical voices in our country which have questioned the quality of work done by some industry players; the lack of innovation and the high cost of properties developed by us. We also cannot deny that the number of developers continues to increase and this has not always been accompanied by a corresponding engagement of qualified technicians and engineers for projects" the GREDA president said.

He therefore called on the management of Buena Vista Homes and other like-minded developers to share their knowledge and expertise with other members.

Responding, the Executive Director of Buena Vista Homes, Mr Kwabena Nyarko, dedicated the award to members of his team saying, his company's hallmark has been team work and attention to detail.

"We applaud the staff for their hard work and commitment which has brought immense recognition to the brand" Mr Nyarko added.

Buena Vista Homes is owned by a team of Ghanaian entrepreneurs, who play important roles in business leadership across Africa and are focused on a continuous improvement of the entire value chain in property development.