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Pozzolana Cement not only for cost reduction – Dr Ampadu
Posted on: 02-Oct-2012         Source: GNA
Dr Kwesi Osafo Ampadu, Principal Engineer, Bridges, Department of Feeder Roads, on Tuesday said the chemical characteristics of Pozzolana Cement which makes it resistant to cracks far outweigh its price tag.

“Pozzolana Cement has the secondary reaction, less permeable and makes buildings; bridges and concrete works especially in water log area more durable.

“It’s an asset in the construction industry especially in conditions where the concrete is permanently in contact with ground water since it does not contaminate water,” Dr Ampadu told the Ghana News Agency in an interview in Accra.

He advised contractors working especially in water logged areas, building houses close to cost, construction of bridges and culverts and others to use Pozzonala Cement.

Dr. Ampadu, who is a Pozzolana Expert, confirmed that the Department of Feeder Roads is ready to use Pozzolana cement in road projects, as mandated by the Ministry Roads and Highways.

He said the benefits of pozzolana included improving the quality of concrete mainly, and reducing costs overall.

Meanwhile, Mr Vivek Garg, Managing Director, Pozzolona Ghana Limited, and Mr Doug Borgsdorf , PGL Vice President, have jointly commended the Government and stakeholders in the building industry for patronizing Pozzolana cement.

“The Pozzolana Management acknowledges the tremendous support from State Housing Corporation, Architecture Engineering Service Limited, Home Finance Company, African Concrete Product and Savanna Accelerated Development Authority and other parastatals as well as private entities for patronizing Pozzolana cement across the country.”

At the first of a series of Customer engagement platform organized by PGL, Mr Garg said the company sited at Gomoa Mprumem in the Central Region is investing additional capital to increase production to meet the increasing demand.

He disclosed that PGL is about to launch new marketing and distributorship strategy as well as intensify public education on the usage of pozzolana cement across the country.

Mr Borgsdorf also noted that PGL will continue to support community initiatives which the company considers as a social responsibility and investing in communities to accelerate its development.

It has purchased educational materials to be distributed to all regional Libraries as a form of supporting education and also attracting students and pupils to our Libraries.

Mr. Brgsdorf stressed the importance of recognising good education in Ghana, which has led to the development of pozzolana cement by Ghanaian BRRI scientists over the years.

He said pozzolana cement is a truly locally produced product with no imported ingredient, made by “Ghanaians for Ghana”.

He thanked resellers and distributors who are in the forefront of marketing and educating the public on proper usage of pozzolana cement as well as its distribution and sales.

“PGL will soon launch a SALES PROMOTION, where customers will get bonus bags for specified bags bought”, he said.