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Oil And Gas Training For Journalists Underway
Posted on: 06-Sep-2012         Source: Daily Graphic
The second session of training for the third group of journalists for the “Strengthening Media Oversight of The Extractive Sectors Pilot Program” is underway.

The workshop is being carried out by the International Institute of ICT Journalism (Penplusbytes) in partnership with the Revenue Watch Institute (RWI) in Ghana.

The "Strengthening Media Oversight of the Extractive Sectors Pilot Programme" which started in 2011 aims at promoting good governance and an effective oversight of the oil, gas and mining (extractive) resources and revenues.

The ultimate objective is to have a knowledgeable and active media which is critical to having an informed and engaged public, civil society and Parliament that can hold government to account.

The course involves international field trips, writing bursaries, editors’ liaison, workshops and individual writing projects on the extractive sector and has so far trained 15 journalists in two classes.

The project also aims at increasing the quantity and quality of coverage of extractive-related issues in the print and broadcast media in Ghana by developing mechanisms for media capacity building on extractive governance that are scalable and sustainable in the country.

The focus of the workshop is learning through doing with skills modules which will offer reporting & writing tips.

The workshop will offer repeated opportunities for participants to hone their reporting & writing skills, through exercises, generating content from guest speakers and researching during a four day reporting trip.

At the end of the session, trainers will organise “review” sessions to monitor what knowledge is being retained, and offer group & individual feedback as appropriate.

Kwami Ahiabenu II, Team Leader, Penplusbytes said “at the end of the course, journalists will improve their news gathering skills on the extractive, improve the data analysis and interpretation skills of journalists in the oil and gas sector and also improve the understanding of how oil companies work.

The course will also equip trainees with improved understanding of legal and policy documents on oil and gas in Ghana and better working relationships with civil society organisations.