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Clydestone and Transaction Solutions to be reinstated on the GSE
Posted on: 23-Aug-2012         Source: myjoyonline.com
Shares of two IT firms, Clydestone and Transaction Solutions will soon resume trading on the Ghana Stock Exchange.

Shares of the two companies were suspended from active trading in July, because of their failure to observe listing rules and hold Annual General Meetings, AGM’s.

Managers of the exchange are however currently considering to reinstate the two firms on the bourse. The Managing Director, Kofi Yamoah spoke with JOY-BUSINESS.

“Once we get the report from the registrars of those securities about the decisions taken at their AGM’s, we would reconsider their suspension”
Mr. Yamoah adds that the exchange will also take a position on Pioneer Kitchenware which was also suspended from trading in April.

“As long as the AGM compliance has not be meet, the suspension will hold but at the end of September we would take a review position as agreed by the council” he added.

Meanwhile, 400 thousand units or shares of the new Gold Exchange Traded Funds will this morning begin trading on the Ghana Stock Exchange. It is expected to open trading at a price of 31 Ghana cedis. The instrument allows investors trade in the fund which is directly linked to the prices of Gold.