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GIFMIS seeks budgetary support for financial reforms
Posted on: 26-Oct-2013         Source: GNA
The authorities of Ghana Integrated Financial Management Information System (GIFMIS), has called for budgetary support for the public finance management (PFM) reforms initiative, to ensure sustainability and less dependent on donor resources.

At a day’s media engagement in Accra on Thursday the e-governance project noted that political will is key for the PFM reforms whilst effective change management strategy is also critical.

Mr Mac-Effort Adadey, Deputy Project Director told the workshop on the theme: “Accelerating Public Financial Reforms-Ghana Integrated Financial Management System,” that gaining stakeholder commitment is paramount for the success of GIFMIS.

GIFMIS is an integrated management information system used in budget preparation and execution, accounting and financial reporting, cash and assets management, among other essential services.

The multi-donor pooled project seeks to enhance government’s ability to allocate resources in accordance with its policy priorities, better demonstrate the strategic intent of budget and respond to the challenges with current activity based system and other emerging issues including the oil find.

GIFMIS is introducing performance management in the current budget system, improve service delivery as well as the medium term expenditure frame work.

The budget software to seamless integrate with GIFMIS financials aims at removing human intervention of having to load budget data on the system after preparation before budget execution.

Mr Adadey said the project has been able deploy the general ledger to all ministry treasuries since March 2012 while procure-to-pay is available to all headquarters of the ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) since September 2012, with more than 200 spending units covered.

Rolled out to regional MDAs was completed November last year while monthly financial statements on consolidated fund accounts are being produced from the GIFMIS.

Seven metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies (MMDAs) selected for piloting were placed on the August 5, government funds.

The fixed assets module, which is at the preparatory stage will be piloted in January 2014.

So far GIFMIS has been able to develop harmonised chart of accounts and was used to execute the 2012 budget. It was also used to produce the annual public accounts on the consolidated fund.

Mr Adadey expressed the need for the remaining 209 MMDAs to be covered by the project.

The phase one of the project ends on June 2014.

Mrs Bridget Katriku, Chairperson of Public Services Commission, who chaired the function said GIFMIS hopes to bring on one platform the various financial reforms, which started in the 1990’s.

She said if the project fails to deliver among other expectations, accountability, then the country has a long way to go.

Ms Grace Adzroe, Acting Head of Controller and Accountant General’s Department said GIFMIS is expected to receive feedbacks to improve on service delivery.