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Japan Motors leads in innovation
Posted on: 21-Aug-2012         Source: thebftonline.com
“Ghana’s ‘used’ car market is gradually being overtaken by new vehicles due to favourable conditions created by successive Governments.

Currently, financial institutions are ready to offset payment for cars while owners are made to pay monthly installment to the firm as is done in Europe and the Americas,” Mrs. Claire Kattah, Sales Manager of Japan Motors Trading Company (JMTC), has said.

She said there is a big market for the automobile dealers, as the citizenry is moving away from second-hand cars to brand-new cars and as such helping to reduce air-pollution.

Mrs. Kattah said the company since its inception has been driven by excellence, innovation and campaigning against the culture of buying used vehicles in the country.

“The company will continuously strive to improve on what it does,” promised Mrs. Kattah.
She said, over the years, the company has been innovative and poised to give exclusive customer care. This is seen in the range of vehicles offered -- Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs), commercial vehicles, buses, saloon cars and Nissan Diesel (UD) trucks.

Instructively, she added that the current state of automobile dealers in the country looks bleak because distributors appointed to market vehicles are threatened by the entrance of other dealers not authorised by their manufacturers.

“This leads to taking or going after the same customers dealers and distributors are going after, with no after sales-service experience,” he added.

Meanwhile, there is a growing demand for cars -- with its attendant challenges. Challenges confronted by dealers include the instability of the cedi; grey imports; the ‘used’ market; and no data available for planning purposes.

Japan Motors is the official distributor of NISSAN Motor Limited and the Official Sole Distributor of YAMAHA Motor Company in Ghana.

Japan Motors has a strong commitment to its host communities, and over the years has supported many programmes in the areas of health, sports, education and security.

Since it establishment ten decades ago, other sister companies have been set up: such as Silver Star Auto Limited, Modern Auto Services Limited, Oman Fofor Trading Company, Star Property Management, Lakeside Estate Limited and Advance Construction Limited.

The company has grown in a steady way, becoming the second-largest motor distributor in the country.