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Business in Industrial and commercial areas exempted from the load-shedding
Posted on: 30-Aug-2012         Source: myjoyonline.com
The Electricity Company of Ghana, ECG is assuring of constant power supply to businesses located in major industrial and commercial areas across the country in the wake of the emergency load-shedding programme.

The ECG is due to issue a timetable for the load-shedding that has emanated from challenges with the supply of gas from the West Africa Gas Pipeline.

The Director of Operations, Tetteh Okine explains to JOY BUSINESS, for business entities, only those located in residential areas would be affected.

“Normally when we undertake load-shedding, we try as much as possible not to include industries unless the situation is beyond our control or in the evening when we expect some of them to have closed" he said.

The only problem is those industries located in residential areas which would be very difficult to supply them power because when you try to not to, it would mean keeping large residential areas on which would then defeat the whole purpose of load-shedding” he added.

Meanwhile, JOY-BUSINESS has learnt of a planned meeting between the Association of Ghana Industries and the power suppliers on the way forward to the perennial power challenges and its effect on businesses.