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Dwadifo Adanfo to become biggest financial institution
Posted on: 14-Oct-2013         Source: GNA
Mr Charles Amanoo, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Dwadifo Adanfo Microfinance Company Limited, said the company envisions, in the long-term, to become the biggest financial institution for the informal sector within the country and beyond.

He said its brand would remain relevant and recognised in order to leave the widest geographical footprints within the country and the West and East African financial terrain.

Mr Amanoo disclosed this at the inauguration of the 10th Dwadifo Adanfo Microfinance branch at Hohoe, its newest outlet, making it the first in the Volta Region.

He said Dwadifo Adanfo had adopted a superior Information and Communication Technology system to deploy its products and services and that this included consumer finance, investment accounts, small and medium enterprise loans and vehicle financing for quality assurance and consumer security.

The CEO said its future developments included the introduction of a smart card that would double as an ATM device with biometric security features.

Mr Amonoo said the Dwadifo Adanfo clientele-base stood at over 40,000 and was expected to notch the 70,000 client projection target by the end of the year.

He said Hohoe remained the commercial hub of the Volta Region and this had informed their choice, following the visibility of the over 80 brand new taxis plying the streets of the municipality due to its work-and-pay product.

Mr Amonoo urged the people in the region to re-position themselves into doing business with Dwadifo Adanfo to derive full benefits from its products for economic self-reliance.

Togbega Gabusu, Paramount Chief of Gbi Traditional Area, said Hohoe remained a potential economic hub and, therefore, urged budding business entities to re-locate to the area.

He said the heavy presence of Dwadifo Adanfo branded taxis had given selectivity and choice to passengers as all rickety ones had restrained themselves to plying rural roads.

Togbega Gabusu was happy that the presence of the company would make the work of middlemen redundant, who otherwise short-changed clients through over-pricing deals.

He appealed to the company to evolve tailor-made and innovative products that would not only cushion the economic well-being of its clients but maximize profits.