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First Capital Plus to start universal banking
Posted on: 10-Jul-2013         Source: myjoyonline.com
The First Capital Plus, the largest Savings & Loans Company is ready to go into universal banking probably by the end of this year.

According to the CEO Mr. Kofi Mensah this year marks a turning point in the company’s operations since it represents a period the company acquired its provisional universal banking license. Currently, he said, the company has implemented the requisite systems and structures necessary for making the transition from a Savings & Loans to a fully fledged universal bank.

Mr. Mensah announced this at a worship oncert organized at the Tesano Baptist Church in Accra. The worship concert dubbed Worship Night is an annual event organized by First Capital Plus to bring staff, customers, and the general public together to worship God in unity and also thank him for his enduring mercies. This year’s edition with the theme, “Transformational Worship” is the fourth in a row since the company was established in October, 2009.

The event was attended by over 1,000 people and it featured groups and artistes like Francis Amo, Harbour City Mass Choir, Uncle Ato, Fragrance Choir and Nii Okai who delivered rounds and rounds of soul-inspiring music.

John Kofi Mensah encouraged organizations to adopt the God-nentered model by institutionalizing the God factor into their business operations. “If you want your business to grow this model must be implemented.”

He cautioned that adopting the God-centered model does not mean organizations should ignore their core mandate of adhering to checks and balances through the implementation of requisite systems and structures to enforce rules and regulations. According to Mr. Mensah, the God-centered model can lead to two sets of expectations from management and staff.

According the CEO staff expectation will involve a desire to escape sanctions for wrong doing or a desire to expect a certain level of laxity from management whilst management expectation is the belief that all staff will adhere strictly to all rules and regulations and act with the highest ethical standards.

These different set of expectations can lead to a gap that can adversely affect productivity.

Mr. Mensah advised his staff to show genuine commitment and loyalty to the company. He argued that an attribute like knowledge is important but commitment and loyalty are more important principles for achieving organizational success since Knowledge is basic which can always be acquired.

However, what usually makes a difference is an individual’s genuine commitment to effectively executing one’s commitment towards the organization’s values and set targets, he said.