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CB-Net drags BoG to CHRAJ
Posted on: 04-Jun-2013         Source: radioxyz
Tema based marketing company, CB-Net, has dragged the Bank of Ghana to the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ).

CB Net is one of three companies that have been ordered by the Central Bank to shut down.

The Bank of Ghana accused the three companies of engaging in illegal deposit taking, and operating ponzi schemes.

But CB-Net says it is not taking deposits.

Chief Executive of CB-Net, Yaw Diowusu-Agyemang, in an interview with XYZ Business, said his company is only doing network marketing.

Mr Diowusu-Agyemang added that, CB-Net will not comply with the bank’s directive to shut down within one month.

“We have taken the matter to CHRAJ, and if the government doesn’t do anything about it, we will drag it anywhere even if the international court of law, we will take it there”.

Last week, the Bank of Ghana asked CB Net Marketing Concepts, E-Finance and More and Diamond Investment Limited to refund all deposits within one month or face prosecution.