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Strategic Hedge Capital opens in T’di
Posted on: 28-Jun-2013         Source: thebftonline.com
Strategic Hedge Capital (SHC) -- a “comprehensive financial advisory and capital-raising company offering services to Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)” -- has opened its first branch in Takoradi.

The company is to tailor financial solutions and strategic advice on a wide range of transactions and capital-raising ventures including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, financial restructuring, equity, project finance assessment among others.

Speaking at the launch of SHC, Mr. David Tetteh, Chief Executive Officer of CAL Brokers, noted that SMEs are catalysts for growth if a country wants to increase revenue and employment.

However, access to finance and intermediation has always been some of the challenge to the SME’s -- they have been deprived of so many opportunities.

On why SME’s are unable to get access to credit, he said about 85% of them have poor governance structure -- most of our SME’s are one-man businesses and take decisions without consulting experts on the field.

“SME’s need guidance to help them put the right structures in place to be effective and efficient, as well as take decisions that will help the organisation to grow and be maintained,” he said.

Also, Mr. Tetteh said they must have a vision for the organisation’s future, have an understanding of the economics of the business they are operating, as well as seek advice from an expert.

He explained that the Ghana Alternative Exchange has been set up to focus on a stock market for business with potential for growth -- the exchange accommodates SMEs at various stages of their business development.

He said listing on this market will afford SMEs an opportunity for securing long-term capital, broaden their investor base and provide liquidity for investors.

Mr. Franklin Roosevelt Afotey, the Chief Executive Officer of Strategic Hedge Capital, pointed out that efficient and effective record-keeping in business is essential for enhancing bank optimism in lending to SME customers.

“We are committed to helping you prepare your business’s monthly accounts, quarterly and yearly comprehensive statements of your financial position, to e-management and lending decisions,” he said.

He said the company and CAL Brokers engage in the buying and selling of shares and bonds listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange on behalf of customers -- trading in both equities and fixed income securities.

“The returns on our fixed income securities are always fixed income secuities are always above market rates,” he added.