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GTBank introduces 3 new ebanking products
Posted on: 21-Jun-2013         Source: Daily Graphic
In furtherance of its resolve to provide further convenience to its customers, Guaranty Trust Bank (Ghana) Limited has introduced three additional e-banking products as part of its bouquet of electronic banking solutions aimed at both corporate and individual clients.

The first product, GTPay, is an integrated and secure online gateway or platform to enable corporate clients such as hotels, airlines, churches, educational institutions, supermarkets etc accept payments on their websites.

It is an internet-based solution that enables online payments using local as well as international cards such as MasterCard and VISA.

With this product, corporate customers can accept and receive payments for their services through their website from their own customers from anywhere in the world.

One key benefit of GTPay is that all transaction amounts are deducted from the userís card instantly while the merchant's account is credited immediately as well.

Other benefits include the provision of convenient alternative payment channel to customers through a companyís or institutionís website, international acceptability, global reach, reduced costs, increased sales and promotion of cashless transactions in the economy.

The second product, the Trade Tracker, is a customer-driven product that allows individual and corporate clients to follow and monitor the processing of their trade transactions (Letters of Credit, Bills for Collection etc) with the Bank.

With this platform, customers can submit and review or amend an uploaded documentation (e.g. LC) after receiving a secure link to access the platform. Upon submission of the information, customers will then receive notification from the bank on the status of their transaction via emails without having to visit the bank.

The application is user-friendly and could be accessed through a secured internet protocol developed by GTBank. It is an innovative product expected to improve turnaround time as it seeks to revamp the records process to track the progress of trade finance transactions by customers and in-house users.

The third product, Return Cheque Notification system, is an interactive platform that forwards notifications to customers in the form of an email and SMS immediately an inward cheque is returned from a third party Bank. To make the notification relevant and useful, the cheque number, amount stated on it and the bank from which the cheque was issued are all captured in the message.