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Fishermen urged to use approved nets
Posted on: 09-Sep-2013         Source: GNA
Ms Elizabeth Agbenyagah, Assembly Member for the Kotoso Electoral Area, a fishing community in the Kwahu East District, has called on fishermen along the Afram Lake to use approved nets for fishing.

She said the continuous usage of unapproved nets could poison and destroy the waters and the fishes living in them as well.

Ms Agbeyegah made the appeal when she addressed fishermen at Kotoso where some fishermen from the area were attacked and assaulted by their colleagues for using unapproved nets for fishing in the lake.

She was accompanied by three other Assembly Members, including Mr William Ahormaley of Pitiku electoral area, Mr Steven Hlorvor of Ahinase and Mr John Agbenyagah of Hlihadzi.

Some of the fishermen were using mosquito nets, two and a half inches net, and others unapproved methods of fishing which was affecting the fishing in the area.

Mr Hlorvor enlightened the fishermen on the Fisheries Act, saying the Act only approved the use of the three inches net for fishing in the lake and advised them to use the approved nets and methods to sustain the fishing industry.