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OLAM imports 30,000mts of fertiliser to support FSP
Posted on: 02-Aug-2012         Source: thebftonline.com
OLAM Ghana Limited (OGL) has imported 30,000 mts of fertiliser to support the Fertiliser Subsidy Programme (FSP) of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA).

This is expected to help farmers increase their rate of fertiliser application as a means of increasing crop productivity and production, and also to increase the country’s fertiliser application rate and improve the supply and access of small-scale farmers to subsidised fertilisers to ensure food security.

“Ghana has one of the lowest rates of fertiliser application in sub-Saharan Africa, and OLAM sees this as an opportunity to partner government to increase the rate of fertiliser application in the country to increase farmers’ ability to produce more food to feed millions of Ghanaians, OLAM Country Head Amit Agrawal has said.

He pointed out that fertiliser use is not an end in itself; rather it is a means of achieving increased food production.

Increased agricultural production and food availability can, in turn, be seen as an objective for the agricultural sector in the context of contributing to the broader macroeconomic objectives of Ghana, he stressed.

“With our presence and sourcing strength at all the manufacturing countries, Olam promises to ensure the best international quality of fertilisers to the farmers of Ghana,” he added.

OLAM sees this as a strategic move in consolidating its relationship with farmers and government’s efforts in addressing the food security concerns of the country by supplying high quality fertilisers to MoFA under the FSP for onward distribution to thousands of farmers dotted across the length and breadth of Ghana.

OLAM is a leading global supply chain manager and processor of agri-commodities, and has presence in 65 countries with 24 countries in Africa alone. Olam has made significant investments in Africa with over 30 manufacturing facilities including a 1.3 billion US$ Fertiliser plant in Gabon.

OLAM Ghana Limited plans to build on its present partnership with the distribution channel across products and establish a strong, cordial and transparent business relationship with all of its distributors in the agri-input industry.